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Why does the modern man need new techniques of meditation ?

"In Buddha's time, dynamic methods of meditation were not needed. People were more simple, more authentic.They lived a more real life. Now, people are living a very repressed life, a very unreal life.When they don't want to smile, they smile.When they want to be angry, they show compassion. People are false, the whole life pattern is false.

People are just acting, not living. Many incomplete experiences go on being collected, piled up inside their minds.

Just sitting directly in silence won't help. The moment you will sit silently, you will see all sorts of things moving inside you; you will feel it almost impossible to be silent.  First throw those things out so you come to a natural state of rest. Real meditation starts only when you are at rest." -OSHO , From the book - The Discipline of Transcendence.

Osho's Active Meditations

Apart from the 108 different techniques of meditation known and practised since the last thousands of years, Osho added his own techniques to suit for the contemporary man , so that we have more than 300 techniques now.

They all involve a beginning stage of activity-- sometimes intense and physical--followed by a period of silence. All of Osho's meditation stages are accompanied by music that has been specially composed to guide the meditatorthrough the different stages. Osho has also recommended different meditations for different times of the day. Here is a list of some of his powerful techniques.


  1. Dynamic Meditation
  2. Kundalini Meditation
  3. Nadabrahma Meditation
  4. Nataraj Meditation
  5. Chakra Sound Meditation
  6. Mystic Rose Meditation
  7. Gibberish Meditation
  8. No Dimension Meditation
  9. Gourishankar Meditation
  10. Whirling Meditation



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