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Welcome to Osho Niranjana

Osho Niranjana Meditation Center is a Non-Profit Organization registered in the State of California. The main objective of this Organization is to share the vision of Osho. Osho is an Enlightened Mystic, who has inspired millions of people around the world through his meditations and books which are very popular among contemporary spiritual seekers. Osho’s spontaneous talks, covering almost every possible subject on this planet has been published in more than 650 books. Besides his numerous inspiring books, he has devised over 300 meditation techniques suitable for modern age. As with any other Enlightened Master, Osho’s followers are also growing exponentially after he left his body in 1990. Osho has emphasized that Meditation and Love are the only panacea for all the problems of the world.

"Nirajana" is a river in India which has been mentioned several times in Buddhist scriptures. Legend has it that Buddha received his final inspiration from this river before his Enlightenment. We hope that Osho Niranjana Meditation Center will also aspire seekers on the path to Enlightenment.

The Board of Directors of this Organization comprises of individuals who have successful careers in the field of Engineering, Senior Project Management and Graphic Design. They also bring over 75 years of combined meditation experience to the Organization.

Our Organization is dedicated to make Osho's vision available and affordable to those who are in search of something greater in life. Apart from regular monthly meditations, we also organize full day (1-Day, 3-Days,7-Days) events facilitated by lifelong and intimate disciples of Osho. As a contribution to the community, we all can join hands and spread the message of Meditation & Love and not Hate & Greed!


Upcoming Mega Retreat

with Swami Arun
July 18-20, 21014
Details and RSVP here

with Miralepa & OneSky Band
Oct 26-28, 21014
RSVP on meetup. Click here



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