Osho Niranjana Meditation Center

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Meditation Centers/Communes

Places to meditate. Osho Meditation Centers, Information centers and communes

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1   Link   Osho Tapoban
Osho Tapoban : International Commune and Forest Retreat Center in Kathmandu, Nepal, a source of inspiration for Osho Niranjana
2   Link   Osho World
Osho World, Delhi. Get free discourses of Osho in Audio, Video and Print. A great Resource
3   Link   Osho Meditation Resorts
Osho Meditation Resorts, Pune, India
4   Link   Osho Chicago
Bringing Osho Lovers and friends together in Chicago. One of the active Osho Meditation Centers in USA
5   Link   OSHO Viha
Osho Viha. Books distributors and Osho Information center, they publish Osho Viha a bi-monthly Osho maganize from California.
6   Link   Osho Sadhana Meditation Center, NY
Osho Sadhana Meditation center in Astoria, NY and is one of the most active centers in US offering daily meditations.
7   Link   Osho Laxmi Meditation Center
Osho Atlanta - Home of Osho Laxmi Meditation Center. Weekly events.
8   Link   Zorba Studio
A happening center in Carrelton, TX. Run by Swami Rakesh.
9   Link   Osho Madhuban MC, Brampton, Canada
Run by Swami Amrito and friends, this center is a garden of Osho, expanding every day. Offer weekly and monthly meditations and celebrations.
10   Link   Medissage Centers
Sw Gyan Keerti's dream of a serene and meditative communes. You will appreciate the beauty of the place.

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